New Argenta Fund sells two of four remaining units at the Citygrove Townhome development in the Argenta Arts & Innovation District in Downtown North Little Rock.

Smith Family Pharmacy moves to Daniel Building Suite 602.

Nabholz Properties acquires 100% interest in 2 acre tract at 201 Maple Street in the Argenta Arts & Entertainment District in Downtown North Little Rock


Lot 5 in the Germantown Corner Subdivision on Dave Ward Drive in Conway is sold.

UPS Store moves into the I-40 Showroom Center located on Amity Road in Conway.

Mainstream Technologies opens its Conway location in the Federal Plaza building in Downtown Conway.

New tenants in the Conway Regional Medical Park include Pain Treatment Centers of America in the Daniel Building and Russell Dermatology expanding into the remaining space at the Taylor Building owned by NPI-Russell LLC.

New Argenta Fund sells a commercial building at 521 Main Street where an Asian restaurant will open in 2017 and a one of the five units remaining for sale in the Citygrove Townhomes development both in the Argenta Arts & Innovation District in Downtown North Little Rock.


Style Encore & Spectrum Paint become the latest tenant to sign a lease in the I-40 Showroom Center in Conway.

Core Brewery signs lease to open a pub in 411 Main Street building in the Argenta Arts & Innovation District in Downtown North Little Rock

New Argenta Fund sells a commercial lot located at 600 Maple Street in the Argenta Arts & Innovation District in Downtown North Little Rock to Argenta Flats LLC where the second phase of the Argenta Flats apartments will be developed.


Plato’s Closet opens in I-40 Showroom Center

The last two remaining lots  in the I-40 South Commercial Subdivision are sold.

Lot 2 in the Germantown Corner Commercial subdivision is sold to Krispy Kreme.

The former Argenta Market building in downtown North Little Rock is leased to Chef Donnie Ferneau.

Meadowlake Corner LLC, one of NPI’s JV investments,  sells its asset Meadowlake Corner Shopping Center.


Nabholz Properties celebrates its 30th year in business.

Nabholz Properties ends its 10 year franchise with Sperry Van Ness and begins a new relationship with Newmark Grubb Arkansas.

Inuvo Corporation moves into Federal Plaza in downtown Conway.

Federal Plaza receives its LEED certification designation.

Lot E in  the I-40 South Commercial Park is sold.

New leases at the I-40 Showroom Center include The Beach Shack and Playa Azul Mexican Restaurant.

C.A.R.T.I. becomes the newest tenant in the Conway Regional Medical Park locating in the Taylor Building.


Federal Plaza in downtown Conway is completed in July and with the U.S. Postal Service, and the Log Cabin Democrat occupying the ground floor and Privacy Star on the second floor.

A new lease is signed with Umami Asian Grill in the I-40 Showroom Center


A major renovation of the Federal Plaza  begins in January which transforms the looks of the building to resemble the original Post Office that stood on site prior to the construction of the current building in 1969.

Clint Bailey joins Sperry Van Ness – Nabholz Properties full time as marketing assistant upon his graduation from the University of Central Arkansas.

Nabholz Properties updates its website and launches its Facebook and Twitter page.

Nabholz Properties buys the Federal Building in downtown Conway in September and announces its plans for expanding and renovating the building in 2011.

Two lots are sold in the I -40 South Commercial Park.

Nabholz Properties moves into its new offices at 700 Front Street in the Satterfield Station development in downtown Conway. Satterfield Station is a mixed use project with U.S. Pizza being the other occupant.

Nabholz Properties celebrates its 25th anniversary, and Sperry Van Ness – Nabholz Properties celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Greg Nabholz is named as CEO of NPI. Charles Nabholz remains as president, and Tom Nabholz Sr, remains as chairman of the Board of Directors.

Construction on Citygrove Townhomes, a 57-unit townhouse project in downtown North Little Rock owned by the New Argenta Fund, begins. The first phase includes construction of 14 units and the Argenta Art Park.

The renovation of 411 Main St. in downtown North Little Rock, which houses the Starving Artist Café and is owned by the New Argenta Fund, is complete.

New Argenta Fund sells two buildings on Main Street in downtown North Little Rock. 405 Main St. will become the new home of the Argenta Community Theater, and 715 Main St. will become a mixed-use housing and office complex owned by the Argenta Community Development Corporation.

Construction begins on Satterfield Station, the future home of Nabholz Properties and U.S. Pizza in downtown Conway.

NPI joins forces with Satterfield Oil Co. to form Satterfield Station LLC. The LLC`s first development will be located at the corner of Prairie and Front Streets in downtown Conway.

NPI sells 73 acres south of the Port of Little Rock Industrial Park.

Argenta Place and 521 Main Street, two commercial real estate projects in downtown North Little Rock owned by the New Argenta Fund, are completed. Argenta Place is home of Cregeen`s Irish Pub, residential condos and office space, while 521 Main Street houses a local grocery store.

NPI becomes a member of the Shops at Conway Commons LLC, which is developing land to the west of Conway Commons and south of Highway 64 East.

The Poindexter Building is completed, the fourth medical office building in the Conway Regional Medical Park.

NPI becomes a member of the New Argenta Fund LLC, which is redeveloping various projects in North Little Rock’s downtown Argenta District.

NPI sells 310 acres of property in North Little Rock, known as the Jeffrey Quarry.

Scott Murphy joins the firm as project manager.

Sperry Van Ness- Nabholz Properties brokers its largest single commercial transaction to date, a 56-acre sale of commercial property in Rogers.

NPI and Russell Dermatology join to form NPI – Russell LLC. NPI sells the Taylor Building in the Conway Regional Medical Park to the LLC.

The last remaining lot in the I-40 North Commercial Park is sold.

NPI becomes a member of Trio Investments LLC, which then becomes a member of Creekside Development LLC. Creekside Development LLC purchases 120 acres of commercial property at the intersection of Interstate 540 and New Hope Road in Rogers.

Beverly Clark joins Sperry Van Ness – Nabholz Properties as a marketing assistant.

R.D. Nabholz, founding board member and stockholder, dies on April 14, 2002.

NPI affiliates with Sperry Van Ness, one of the nation`s largest commercial real estate firms. The entity known as Sperry Van Ness – Nabholz Properties provides brokerage and leasing services.

Edmund Nabholz, founding board member and stockholder, dies on Sept. 1, 2001.

NPI completes the Gordy Building, the third building in the Conway Regional Medical Park.

NPI invests in Tuf Nut LLC, NPI’s second joint venture investment. Tuf Nut is a renovated loft housing complex in downtown Little Rock.

NPI completes two new income producing properties, the Daniel Building, the second building in the Conway Regional Medical Park, and the I-40 Showroom Center, a retail/office/showroom facility fronting I-40 in Conway.

NPI sells its portfolio of 18 office, retail and industrial buildings located in Conway, North Little Rock, and Arkadelphia to Cooper Realty Investments of Rogers.

NPI completes the first of four medical office buildings, the Taylor Building, in Conway Regional Medical Park.

Philip Hiegel joins NPI as a property manager.

NPI begins to offer third-party brokerage and leasing services with Greg Nabholz as principal broker.

Meadowlake Corner, a retail strip center owned by Meadowlake Corner LLC, is built and completed.

The exterior renovation of Westgate Center in Conway is completed.

Meadowlake Corner LLC is formed, and NPI becomes the managing partner, creating the company’s first joint venture investment.

The renovation and expansion of an office/warehouse at 821 North Creek Drive is completed.

8.19 acres of land located at the southeastern corner of Dave Ward Drive and Nutter Chapel Road is purchased and becomes the future site of the Conway Regional Medical Office Park, a medical office development built in cooperation with Conway Regional Medical Center. #1101 Museum Road, a 17,850 sq.ft. office/showroom development located in the I-40 North Commercial Subdivision, is completed.

NPI sells one of two office buildings the company owns on Percy Machin Drive in North Little Rock. It also sells the remaining commercial lots in Conway’s Nabholz Avenue commercial subdivision.

Nutters Chapel Plaza, a 25,000-SF retail center located at the corner of Nutters Chapel Road and Dave Ward Drive in Conway, is completed.

Wendy Chambers joins NPI as an administrative assistant and bookkeeper.

A 5,000-SF office/warehouse built-to-suit project is completed on Nabholz Avenue in Conway.

NPI purchases 25 acres on Highway 64 East – known as the Miller Mall subdivision. This is NPI`s third commercial land development project.

Greg Nabholz joins NPI full time after graduating from the University of Arkansas.

A two-story, 31,000-SF office/warehouse development is completed at 800 Exchange Avenue in the Conway Industrial Park.

Lower Ridge Road Estates, a 96-acre residential subdivision, is developed on Lower Ridge Road in Conway.

821 North Creek Drive, a 14,000 sq. ft. office/warehouse building in Conway’s I-40 North Commercial Subdivision, is completed and for lease.

Two homes on Factory Street in Conway, and two duplexes on Farris Road are completed and leased.

The second phase of Westgate Center is completed.

#17 Nabco Avenue, a 36,000-SF office/warehouse built-to-suit project fronting I-40 in Conway, is completed.

I-40 South Commercial Park, another 15 acres of commercial property, is added.

The name Con-Ark Land Development changes to Nabholz Properties Inc.

Westgate Center, a commercial retail strip located on Conway’s Farris Road, is the first commercial property completed under the new Con-Ark Land Development name.

I-40 North Commercial Park – 70 acres of commercial property fronting the east side of Interstate 40 and north of Highway 64 East in Conway – becomes the firm’s first commercial land development project.

Founded in 1983, Nabholz Properties was started by acquiring the real estate assets of Con-Ark Builders, a division of Nabholz Construction Corporation. Originally named Con-Ark Land Development, the name was changed to its current form